Ariel Gonzalez 2Since a long time, Ariel is our friend and he also works for us if we do have guests. His profession is teacher for sports and also blacksmith. As Personal Trainer he brings every person to the top. He will also instruct me to drive well my mountain bike. (good luck, Ariel). He started his sports activities when he was 6 years old. His trip to school was about 14 kilometers. First he went on horse back later on his bicycle. In Las Leñas in the province of Mendoza he worked as teacher of sports activities in big centres of tourisme. Instructor for horse back riding, swimming, skis … everything what has to do with sports.

On the ranch he grew up, they did not have electricity or water. But he has learned so much about nature, what is important also today in our civilised world. During a trekking in the mountains he knows exactly what kind of plants are useful, where you can find water to drink and where you have to cross rivers.

His lessons are full of his phantasy. He does not need high-tech machines to let you work a special part of muscles. It seems that he controls every step you do, he observes your respiration and the pulse. What he absolutely hates: If he notices that you are not going to give your best. He push but he also compliments.

For me, Ariel is my perfect Personal Trainer. He is fully involved in my project. Because you have to know: He has made the contact to Daniel Mazzucco. He wants to see me in the team and running for CanAm.

Link to his facebook: you can find him as a friend on my facebook account.

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